We will find a pathway to convey all this word play, feels like we are moons away.

Remember this is forever.

Under pressure, come together or surrender.

Whats the point of going down a one way street on repeat, feeling defeat.

Forever a reflection of progression and affection when we talk about connection.

Forevers give and take. Its eternal honor. Forever can persist, if we choose to be stronger, concur and coexist.

A. Best


Truth 2

Thought i had i beat woke up realizing I am not a machine.

Im a human being.

Feelings demand address, lets put this to the test. Thoughts out of my head. All that I dread. Wont take me.

Had an epiphany. I’m more than a wife, mother, daughter. I’m a fighter, survior.

I walk through the fire on high wire. To get what I desire. That’s how i inspire.

I’ll apply, whats inside. So I can thrive. To stay alive.

Copywrite A. Best

Pain to power Mind set

Turn your I can’t to I wont and you I should to I will. When thinking its not our fault change it to I am responsible. All of our problems can be opportunities want to learn to grow from being unsatisfied with our situation. Victimizing puts us in a hole. Sure you may be a victim of a event in your life, a person even. What are YOU going to do to change it? Life can be a continual struggle or an adventure. Instead of thinking or saying, “I hope” start thinking or saying “I know”. Everything terrible is a learning experience so that we know next time what needs to be different. Its our will that make us strong and our journey that make us unique. Changing the way we think internally will eventually show outwardly and that when we regain our power. What is stopping you?