I am everything connecting.

Beginning and ending. Blending in unrelenting. Trasparent intended.

Unpretentious, dessenting.

Over expressing,

Second guessing direction.

My relection of imprections.

If only they could see me fly.



Healthy habits

Healthy habits are important for our productivity. if we implement healthier habits into our life we have more mental, physical, and emotional motivation. Examples are get plenty of rest, drink more water (I need to do better at this because I live off of coffee), exercise, plan our meals, take notes, and learn something new. What are our priorities? How do we accomplish our goals? Do you make a list of the things that need to be done in your day? If you don’t, this is a good idea.  Manipulate you willpower with rewards. Instead of procrastinating because of energy or time. Do what needs to be done than take a long bath or go for ice cream. Avoid perfectionism. A lot of time I find that the thought of anything being perfect is its just a thought because at the end of the day, it is what it is. If we are productive we get better over time, by the way. By taking action on what’s important, we get more of what we need and what. That will make us less stressed and happier people!



This doesn’t mean that we like whatever it may be but that we see the reality for what it really is. Acceptance will encourage change or action. Think of a situation of unwilling acceptance. It probably only caused more pain and suffering. If we can accept our own reality getting us closer to that authentic self that I’ve previously spoke of. It also pulls us out of the negative thinking pattern of failure. Acceptance is the beginning of making changes in our life that suites our needs and wants. So stop resisting and find the lesson 

Pain to power Mind set

Turn your I can’t to I wont and you I should to I will. When thinking its not our fault change it to I am responsible. All of our problems can be opportunities want to learn to grow from being unsatisfied with our situation. Victimizing puts us in a hole. Sure you may be a victim of a event in your life, a person even. What are YOU going to do to change it? Life can be a continual struggle or an adventure. Instead of thinking or saying, “I hope” start thinking or saying “I know”. Everything terrible is a learning experience so that we know next time what needs to be different. Its our will that make us strong and our journey that make us unique. Changing the way we think internally will eventually show outwardly and that when we regain our power. What is stopping you?