looking out for you

Saying “no” is ok if its against your opinions, values, and needs. Boundaries protect and define us. Setting boundaries leads to better relationships. By setting boundaries you are showing what you allow or are comfortable with. Tune into you feeling and being honest is a step to setting boundaries. Realize that others personal needs and feelings are not more important than you own. Don’t let anything or anyone else define you. First we must know what we want, give yourself permission to ask for it or say, “No”.  Ask without an apology, we must let go of guilt. Why feel guilty for being who you are?

Know when its a unsolvable situation and continual conflict. All problems have a solution. If setting your limits don’t work it may be time to walk away. Once we let go of a situation we tell our self is a “problem” and its really just a unavoidable conflict we can better focus our energy on real problems with real solutions.

  Don’t sacrifice yourself for others.


Healthy habits

Healthy habits are important for our productivity. if we implement healthier habits into our life we have more mental, physical, and emotional motivation. Examples are get plenty of rest, drink more water (I need to do better at this because I live off of coffee), exercise, plan our meals, take notes, and learn something new. What are our priorities? How do we accomplish our goals? Do you make a list of the things that need to be done in your day? If you don’t, this is a good idea.  Manipulate you willpower with rewards. Instead of procrastinating because of energy or time. Do what needs to be done than take a long bath or go for ice cream. Avoid perfectionism. A lot of time I find that the thought of anything being perfect is its just a thought because at the end of the day, it is what it is. If we are productive we get better over time, by the way. By taking action on what’s important, we get more of what we need and what. That will make us less stressed and happier people!